Safari Not Working, But Firefox Does

I recently had a problem on my Macbook where Safari would stop working after a few minutes of connecting to the network, but other network applications, like Firefox, still worked. It was odd. Safari would just sit and hang.

After some research, what ended up working for me was to create a new network profile. Here are the steps to do that in Mac OSX (10.7.2).

1. Go to the Apple Menu in the upper left and choose

Select System Preferences

2. Click on the "Network" icon.

3. At the top select "Edit Locations..." from the Location drop down.

Edit Locations

4. Click the plus sign to add a new location and name it something like "home" or "work." Then, click "Done."

New Location

5. That should be it. Safari should work now.


18 thoughts on “Safari Not Working, But Firefox Does”

  1. I have the same problem: After a while not in use, Safari couldn’t load any website. From my analysis, it didn’t do anything, not even sending out a packet. What it could be?

    I also follow the procedure above but it doesn’t help.

  2. It worked for me too except that now safari can’t open secure (https) sites…. Any help there would be appreciated and thank you…

  3. It went completely off line when I did this. On the Automatic window it says “Either the cable for Ethernet is not plugged in or the device at the other end is not responding.” But I can’t see how that’s the case.

    My solution thus far is to use Firefox. Although I’m up for trying any other suggestions.

  4. This has killed safari completely, it wont open anything now! it was working occasionally with a ‘force reload’, but now not even the ‘spinning wheel’ appears!

    1. Thank you!!! It worked for me too. For those trying this, remember to close and reopen Safari after doing this.

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